HD4870 1GB or 512mb ?

Hey guys.. i'm planning on getting an HD4870.. but i'm debating if i should get the 1GB version or the 512MB.. it's gona be sapphire either way..
the 512mb is that sapphire TOXIC HD4870 overclocked 780 and 2000MHz with improved cooling

the 1GB is sapphire HD4870 1GB 750 and 1800MHz
i was thinking of adding to it an aftermarket VGA cooler.. the thermalright T-Rad2

i want to game at minimum resolution of 1680x1050 (preferably 1920x1080) with all settings maxed now.. i am upgrading my screen now from a 17" to a 22" (and also my VGA which is an HD4850..)

overclocking is easy now thanks to the catalyst control center overdrive.. and temps will be low with the cooling system so this is good.. what should i get? what is the performance difference between 512 and 1024 and, is the upgrade worth it ?

which solution (1gb with or without cooler, or 512 toxic) would you choose ?

thanks guys
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  1. Right,
    first of all: there is no 22" monitor that supports 1920x1080 (max 1680x1050)
    second: there is NO HD4870 with mem clocks like 1800 or 2000 Mhz !! You must be kidding me! (min memory freq: 3600 Mhz up to 4400+Mhz)

    SO, for the resolution 1680x1050 8AA/16AF maxed out crysis warhed for example - you should probably look for HD4870X2 AND Q6600 AT LEAST.
    For other games you'll be fine with HD4870 and Q6600.

    And, between 1GB and 512MB versions you should go for 1GB as we already know that it is about 5-10% faster, and you can easy OC it to 800/4000.
  2. i have a q6600 at stock. i cannot overclock. i dont live in US and thus dont have aftermarket motherboards.. so i have intel original P35.. cant crossfire either.. 1 x16 lane and another x4.. 4870x2 wont work fully
    second, yes there is a 22" monitor that supports 1920x1080, here is the link and this is what i am going to buy
    third, mem clocks 1800 are for GDDR3, you have to simply multiply them by 2 because GDDR5 has twice the speed per clock as GDDR3.. so when i say 1800 or 2000 its when like u say 3600 or 4000, potayto potato..
    so the 1gb ? do i get the aftermarket cooler ? here's the link also..
  3. Ok, sorry for the monitor, my bad.
    and yes, go for the 1GB ver. with this cooler will be best choice :)
  4. and also, overclocking a VGA only means adjusting the frequencies in the ati overdrive thingy.. there is no voltage concerns or such like in the cpu no ? how do we overclock a graphics card ?
  5. yep, it is only CCC adjusting freq :) easy job.
  6. 780-800 mz core is very doable and maybe a little more. 4000mhz on memory may not be with the 1gb card..at least without a volt mod. The memory OCs rather poorly. I have a Powercolor HD 4870 PCS+ 1gb card and although CCC Auto Tune says it will go to 840/925; it crashes in games above 800/925 (stock reference OC). I will have to say that at 800/925 I am rather pleased with its performance.
  7. Is there an actual improvement of picture quality for a 22" (dimension referenced) monitor to output 1920 x 1080 resolution? Wouldn't that just over populate the screen with pixels? :S
  8. q6600 @ 3GHz and a 4870 1gb here... Core oc'd to 810 and memory to 930... Can run crysis all very high setting 1680x1050 with frames between 25-35.

    The 1gb version is worth it IMO, not sure the 512 version could do the same at that resolution.
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