I overclocked my AMD 64 x2 4200+ by raising the FSB to 225mhz from 200, and leaving the multiplier at 11x with stock voltage. I "Save and Exit" bios and my computer won't automatically restart. I have to do a hard reset, but the computer has no problem posting, and seems to be very much stable.

I never had this problem, and my computer would also rs itself when save/exiting bios. Is this a sign of instability? I am assuming not cuz I am not putting too much pressure on my cpu, but I would like to hear your inputs.

ALSO, green lettering at start up...what does this mean?
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  1. Make sure your not running your ram out of spec
  2. just found that even when i try to restart my computer from the start menu, it won't properly restart.
  3. sportsfanboy said:
    Make sure your not running your ram out of spec

    when i run memtest, it does not report any errors.

    1. kingston hyperx ddr2 1066
    2. ecs ka3 mvp

    it says my ram runs at 1066, but my mobo supports only 800. do i need to change settings in bios so that it is running in spec?
  4. Sorry for the late response, been busy.

    No- your good if memtest doesn't report errors.

    Can you list the rest of your system?
  5. hey sportsfan! thx for your interest in helping!

    i've updated my profile to include all my specs. it should show below my reply.

    my only concern is that CPU-z read my memory running at 450hz at a 6:1 ratio. I cant seem to mess with the ratio thru bios, but messing with my clock speeds def changes this. I'm currently running 220hz with 10x multiplier. by doing so i was able to bump my memory speed from 400 to 450.

    It's running stable...and it runs smooth so i can't complain much. It's just that I thought my memory should be running at full 800hz.

    Note: I did in fact change max mem clock speed to 800 in bios.
  6. fail.

    here it is:

    AMD X2 64 4200+ / ECS KA3 MVP / 4gig (2x2) Kingston HyperX DDR2 1066 / BFG 9800GT 512mb / 250gig WD
  7. Your memory is 1066 so when you overclock your board it's perfectly fine to run at that speed provided voltages and temperatures and are within spec. That's as long as it's stable. You didn't list your power supply...
  8. OHP!

    Corsair 750watt.

    my next question then would be, is it worth to spend another $70-80 on .. for instance the Kingston HyperX 4gig 800mhz?

    I never knew that my mobo and ram were not really compatible until now. :X
  9. Your not understanding me... as long as your running stable,(and you are) your ram and mobo are fine.

    You don't need to buy new ram.
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