CPU load @ 71C

I recently got a new mobo, Gigabyte MA78G-DS3H, and my cpu temps have been going wild.
In bios, it idles at about 52C, and whilst under load playing Call of Duty 4, It hits the 70 mark. I've set in my bios to send a CPU temperature threshold warning beep whenever it hits 70 degrees, and then I check the EasyTune5 Pro (A program associated with Gigabyte mobos) and it shows 71C. I've also touched the heatsink after I shut it down, and it was super hot, barely keeping my finger on it without getting burnt.

I recently find out it might be the voltage, which for my AMD 6000+, 125W, 90nm version, is meant to be set 1.35-1.40. It was set to default 1.40 in bios, so I switched it back to 1.35, but I still get overheating problems. I also noticed that in the bios, it shows the voltages a bit higher (1.42). I've set it lower to about 1.25 where it finally shows the voltages at 1.33, which then I get BSODs.

My case is fairly ventilated with one low front 12cm fan, and a high top 12cm fan, with the PSU having dual fan, intake from case and exhaust out the back. All cables are tied out of the way of fans, and all fans are working. On the side door, it has two, kind of 'open-mesh' things. with the top being a slot for an 8cm fan.

I have reapplied Artic Silver 5 evenly several times, and readjusted the stock heatsink several times as well.

Just to make it clearer: I use an AMD Athlon 6000+ X2 (125W, 90nm)
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  1. do your self a favor and don't get 90nm. I had a Athlon 6000 90nm and my temps never went above 50c.
  2. 'don't get'? lol
    Well, I'm not prepared to buy a new cpu yet, anyway.
  3. Whats your ambient temperature? Is your case next to a heat source?
  4. It's about 25C ambient right now.
    And no, it's not next to a heat source; it has about 1 foot of free space around it.
  5. Case ventilation is an issue - only 2 real case fans. You could also replace the stock cooler with a good aftermarket one, not that stock is terribly weak.

    The Athlon64 x2 6000+ Windsor is a hot chip, the highest clocked bin AMD could release on 90nm. Don't expect it to load at <50C without specific attention to the cooling environment; treat it like an FX or EE.
  6. Well, I have two Coolermaster 12cm fans blowing at approx 1000rpm each in the front and back, http://www.coolermaster.com/products/product.php?language=en&act=detail&tbcate=186&id=122.

    Could anyone give me some tips or anything before actually getting into the purchasing side of things?
  7. Maybe too much AS5? Is your front fan intaking and back exhausting? Good cable management to increase airflow? How are the temps of other things?
  8. Yeah, I actually thought about too much AS5 as I usually smooth it over the surface of the cpu instead of blobbing it.

    Front fan is definitely intaking; back fan is definitely exhausting.

    There are no cable bunches in the way of the air flow,

    Speedfan shows that:
    GPU is 47C on idle
    HD0 is 35C atm
    HD1 is 41C
    Temp 1 is 39C
    Temp 2 is 89C
    Temp 3 is 52C

    I have no idea what 'Temp X' is
  9. Maybe you should reapply AS5 how they recommend you doing it(line for intel, ball thing for AMD...I think) then check results.
  10. Okay, I'll try that.
  11. blackpanther26 said:
    do your self a favor and don't get 90nm. I had a Athlon 6000 90nm and my temps never went above 50c.

    That was helpful of you. Now all he needs is a time machine.
  12. get a decent aftermarket cooler, how much space do you have between the mobo and case?
  13. Okay, first off I reapplied the AS5 in a 1 1/2 grain of rice equivalent. There's about a 5C change including the dust removed from the heatsink. But on load, it still hits the 70C. :(

    I was thinking of getting an aftermarket cooler, but as I said, I'd like to try things that do not require any purchasing yet. Just for the record, the mobo is 17cm away from the side door.
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