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Is a Zalman VF1000 adequate for an ASUS4850, and do i really need an extra cooler for this GPU ?
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  1. Not at all. But you do need to turn up the fan from stock settings.

    For me, 50% fan speed is cool enough altough it's a little louder.
  2. Yes, the Zalman VF1000 works great on the 4850.
    I have this cooler on both of mine.
    With the fan as low as it goes, idles at 34-36c maxes out in the mid to upper 50's.

    Before you spend the cash, install the latest Cat 8.10 drivers and give the cards fan speed a bump.
    The stock cooler can keep this card somewhat cool, if you can stand the noise that is.
  3. is that Zalman quiet?

    i'm looking for the most quiet HD4850 their is, with a stock-cooler.
    probabely with the GV-R485ZL-512H ?!?
  4. Yes, the Zalman VF1000 is very quiet with the fan set to low.
    It is, however, an aftermarket cooler.
    If you want a great cooler with no extra work, I would highly recomend the HIS IceQ 4 4850.
    I have no experience with the style you are considering but I highly doubt it will be as good as the IceQ 4 cooler.
  5. Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev. 2, with a set of turbo fans if like me you are paranoid about heat issues. I can hear the HDDs over the top of the fan noise. I spent a couple of days looking into the best option, and pretty much every place I looked was saying these are about the best. I even asked on here.

    I'm running a Sapphire 4870, and it's sits cool and quiet. I tried the fan "fix", and it was still too noisy for my liking.

    Temps show in graph below. I've just had an hour of STALKER (Stopped about 5 mins back), so it's had a couple of mins to cool, but it's running 7*C cooler than on the stock HSF at idle even now.
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