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I have a Zalman CPU cooler which came with Fanmate 2 (a controller that lets you manually adjust the fan speed).
At first I didnt install it because I wanted the motherboard to adjust the speed according to the temperature (this is possible, right?). Well, I found out that my ASUS P5Q board won't adjust the fan speed if the connector only has 3 pins, which is the case. So I had to install the fanmate and now I can turn a knob to select a speed for the fan.

My question is, if I keep the fan in silent mode (lowest rpm), won't the system increase it if the CPU is near overheating? To me it seems a stupid system, when am I supposed to turn the speed up? When I start to play a game or what?
Also Coretemp showed no difference in the temperatures when I had the fan running low and when I had it max out.
What is this fanmate thing and how are you supposed to utilize it?
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  1. There are 3 / 4 pin converters you can buy: Although, i believe you need to have a 3pin connector plugged into the CPU fan connector. My motherboard refuses to boot if it doesn't detect a device plugged into the CPU fan connector.

    As for your question, there are plenty of free temp monitor programs you can download. During heavy load (gaming, compression, video editing, etc.) occasionally switch over to the temperature monitor to keep an eye on things. If your temp starts climbing over like 60c-70c (some may so lower or higher) i'd start cranking the fan up. Once you learn your comp's fluctuations, you'll instinctively know when it needs the extra juice. Alternatively, there are fancy pieces of hardware that you run your fans to that can automatically adjust rpm's for set temps.
  2. B1 is right, i have 2 fan controler, a Zalman and a NZXT.

    The 2 controler works great, The zalamn have the CPU fan plugeg, cause 1 NO1 fan conector HAVE and extension that plug to the mobo. If i run the fan at 2000, my mobo KNOW that it is running at 2000.

    If you use you fanmate, its the same thing, you plug to fan to it, and after to other cable to the mobo, to let the mobo KNOW that you have a fan connected and the speed as well.

    here is a link to your fanmate2

    Just plug it, is its shown, and run it as fast as you need it to have nice temp.

    with my 92mm Typhoon there is no différence over 2500rpm, the only thing that get cooler is the NB and SB that receive more air flow. i run 2000 idle and 2500 gaming.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys.
    So I just have to manually adjust it when Im gaming etc.?

    What about Intel's stock fans, I thought those vary their speed automatically according to the CPU temperature? At least for laptops this appears to be the case because you can hear the fan start humming once the CPU gets tasked?
  4. Intel's stock fans use a 4-pin connector, so PWM works on them, and they auto-regulate on any board. For 3-pin fans, some high end motherboards support DC modulation; otherwise I think you're out of luck. By the way, the 3-pin to 4-pin converters are for connecting to hard drive power plugs, not to a motherboard fan controller.

    I don't know which specific Zalman cooler you have, so I wouldn't know how easy it is to replace the fan, or to find a 4-pin fan in the first place.
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