Old HD (win2k) not seen by xp on new master HD

I am having an issue with my old HD. I set to slave, bios sees it along with new 160GB. XP is installed on 160. Doesn't see old win2k drive in my computer, no drive letter. It is however, seen in computer management, but properties aren't accessable. I know the old drive is good as I hooked to old MBoard & it booted fine. I just need to copy all my stuff off the old drive onto the new one. Any Ideas?
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  1. Have you asigned it a path or drive letter in computer management? If so try a frr partition recovery program.

    Try this http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=1139&page=8
  2. Thanks, the link worked. Used advanced options, corrected format & assigned drive letters.
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