System Temps >80C

on speedfan hwmonitor and hmonitor my system temp is about 80C idle and 92C 100%load

i have a feeling its a faulty sensor. in bios the 3 temps are under 50C


Q6600 G0 overclock to 3.0gH

NZXT M59 case with 1 (120mm)side intake and 1 (120mm) rear exahust (adding 3 fans when they come in the mail)

Zerotherm core 92 cpu cooler

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  1. Your posted pic of Core Temp readings looks fine.

    I would suggest you download RealTemp and then compare your temperatures to core temp under idle and full load.
  2. I am talking about "System Temp" not cpu temp
  3. Forgive me I misunderstood. As far as I'm concerned the term System is often misused thus causing confusion.

    Well I don't have that make of board but on my DFI's when the system temp reads too high it means I have to do a better job of cooling the NB.

    It's possible you're right about the sensor or perhaps it's a configuration issue with the monitoring software.

    On the other hand I'd probably find a fan that I could aim at the NB and see if that temp dropped down suddenly just to make sure.

    I'd venture that if your chipset was that hot you'd have stability issues.

    Do you?
  4. nope not yet ive ran prime 95 for a couple hours and so far its ok. the addition of 3 120mm fans should help if anything but thanks for the reply

    oo i forgot also the 790i has a NB heatsink and fans sooo
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