On a TIGHT budget, how much cache?

Ok, so im building my computer, and i have everything down but the hard drive and was wondering what performance gain i would get with more cache such as the 2 to 8 or the 8 to 16 or 16 to 32mb or even 2 to 32mb.

How much cache is overkill, is there such a thing as cache overkill? How much will i sqeeze out of the more cache? Remember im on a really tight budget lol.

Thanks Ahead!

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  1. Also when they say 3gb/s for SATA, do they mean UP TO or ALL THE TIME? Just curious... lol
  2. 16mb or 32mb will do just fine. 64mb is not worth the price tag. The performance difference is minimal in lot of cases. I would buy a hd that has a good long warranty. Some here have had a lot of success with samsung f3 drives i personaly would go wd or seagate.
  3. Thanks a bunch! :)
  4. Cache - as much as you can afford. :) I'd say at least 8 MB, 16 MB if your budget will stretch. After that, the rate of increase in performance starts dropping.

    3 gb/s for SATA is the performance of the drive interface, not drive i/o. It's more of an upper limit to performance.
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