Antec P182 Watercooling Mod

Hi all !!!

Kinda new to this whole forum thing but have had bout 6 years building computers and am planning to build a watercooled pc during my gap year. Anyways basically designed the whole thing on sketchup and have really gone from there.

This is what ive bought so far:
Antec P182 Case
Asus Striker II NSE
**** loads of sound damperning material
120 mmSilenX Fan Ixtrema Pro 14dBA (x3)

Water cooling Parts:
Black Ice GT Stealth 360
Laing DDC-1T 12V Pro Pump
EK Multioption RES 100 Rev.2 (x2)
Several Barbs and Some 3/8 Tubing

I have used the P182 before and although you may look at it with a marmite opinion, ( you either love it or hate it) its a good solid case with a great thermal design. I also got a extra case for the pump which is made of steal and has dampening stuff inside with a end result of a very quiet pump (tested).

I will continue to post pictures of the build but in the mean time I need some advice.

Components that i will soon buy:
Intel Q9450
Gainward GTX 280
Corsair Dominator DDR3 PC3-12800 (1600) or PC2-8500 (1066)
Raid 0 250gb Western Digital HD (x2) .......(dont need help with this)
Thermaltake toughpower 850W (Ive used on p182 before wires are perfect length)

I am aware that to really get the gtx 280 goin then overclocking the Q9450 to at least 3.4GHz is vital. However I have no previous overclocking eperience other than boosting a e6660 to 3Ghz (easy as breathing).

I will show you a few photos of the initial design rigth through to where i am now:

Dont ask me why (yet) but i want the two resevoirs specifically there. This is because i am currently designing a tube system where copper fins will cool the pipes (i will post soon)

This is almost done, just got to drill some holes etc


What I need help with is anyone who has dealt with overclocking a Q9450 specifically with a Striker II (extreme,nse,formula). Whether it be how high they got there processor or what temps they got etc and especially frequencies and voltages

Also a lot of people say theres no point going with ddr3 ram like the ones ive chosen as 800Mhz ram will do fine and is best for performance when overclocking.I have no idea bout this area (especially to do with ratios etc) So therefore any suggestions on that matter
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  1. Realised I forgot this !!!!

    Thanks for all your help.
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