[Black caviar 640gb 32mb] Just got mine, and it has a problem.

I just bought black caviar 640gb version in newegg.com
model #: wd6401aals-00e8b0

I benchmarked it with HD TUNE PRO 3.10, and I got different results than others.
Minimum: 44.4
Maximum: 91.3
Average: 76.9
Access time: 11.1
Burst Rate: 134.2
CPU USAGE: 2.30%

I heard that the maximum speed of this hdd is about 118 and minimum is about 60 ish.
I think the differences between these are quite much.
What should I do...?
I don't think the hdd is defective.
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  1. Do you have all chipset drivers installed including Intel Matrix Storage Management?
  2. yes i installed it right away after the OS installation.
  3. I am getting the same results. I bought two of these and one was DOA. On the one I got replaced by Newegg I am getting these results.

    Maximum Transfer Rate: ~91 MB/sec
    Average Transfer Rate: ~78 MB/sec
    Access Time: ~12 ms
    Burst Rate: ~90 MB/sec

    On the other drive I put in another PC I get this.

    Maximum Transfer Rate: ~113 MB/sec
    Average Transfer Rate: ~90 MB/sec
    Access Time: ~12 ms
    Burst Rate: ~152 MB/sec

    It is so interesting that you posted 91.3 MB/sec, because every run on the first drive I never get past 91.3 MB/sec maximum transfer rate. It almost feels like a ceiling. I do not think my drive is defective either, but every component and setting in both systems is identical, so I am not sure what is causing the difference in benchmarks. Both drives actually get the same performance when unpacking rar files. I did notice the firmware was different. The first drive is 05.00K05 and the other drive is 05.01D05. I emailed Western Digital last night and am waiting to hear back.

    Did you ever find anything out in your case?

    Edit: The first reply I got from Western Digital was go to a link they have that tells you why you can't trust benchmarks. I then laid out my case with a very long reply and rather than try to help they just said replace it if you think it is bad. I am curious to know what you ended up doing with your drive. I assume you are the person's review I read on Newegg on the same date as your original post above. I do have the same model as you ending in -00e8b0 and I have the same symptoms as you exactly. Not sure if it is a bad batch of drives or what. My other drive works perfectly. I am going to buy a new one from Newegg then replace the one I have for a refund, because I do not want to be without a system during the RMA process.
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