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I have just overclocked my Q6600 (B3) on my Asus p5q deluxe to 3ghz at 1.3 volts. During stress test with Prime 95, i noticed something odd, I had three programs open for determining the temperatures (everest ultimate, speedfan, and real temp). Speedfan and real temp showed the temps at around averaging 54C on all 4 cores. While Everest showed around 66C at the same time. I know 66 is too high but im not sure which programs to trust. Any ideas? Should i back the overclock down or keep it where it is? Oh, and the heatsink is a xigmatech s1283.
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    I've never had any cause to not trust RealTemp so if it agrees with Speedfan also then I'd say you are fine.
  2. Is the Everest reading the CPU temp or the individual Core Temps ? IF you are reading the overall CPU Temp it is showing the temp reading from the sensor on the MOBO socket not the internal chip sensors which is usually about 10 degrees C higher than the internal sensors so use the Speedfan\RealTemp reading as it is the actual internal temp of the Chip from its internal sensors.
  3. Do you have an updated version of realtemp? The older versions had the tjunction wrong.

    They quickly corrected that when Intel released their thermal spec info for the 65nm core 2's.
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