3 issues I need help with.

I am re-asking these questions some of you may have read before, but wanted to see if any new readers may have some insight.

Ever since I built my machine (Oct. 2006) I've had this issue...After my system goes to sleep my optical drives are not found in "my computer" and I need to re-boot to use them.

Second is an issue when rebooting with my printer, a Lexmark x5470. During boot-up I the POST screen hangs at "detecting USB mass storage device". This never happened with my other printer, an HP photosmart that also has slots for memory sticks.

Third...I used to have a microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse and recently got a Logitech cordless system to replace it. Now with the Logitech I need to press the power button on the PC to wake it from sleep mode. Wiggling the mouse does not wake it up as it did with the MS system.

Speaking of sleep mode...my parents have a Dell system and I recently replaced their keyboard. Now with the new keyboard they have to press the power button to bring the system out of sleep. (It is also a Logitech keyboard, but not wireless)

Thanks in advance for any help.

See sig for system specs.

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  1. Hi Eddie, not sure bout most of that stuff but about the (3rd) wake up button. Have a look through the motherboard manual with regards to bios settings and if you cant find anything then it is probably a jumper on your motherboard that it not on the right pins, i.e it needs to be on the pins which sends a certain voltage to the keyboard at all times....... that may be it so look around that issue.

    Hope thats a start !
  2. Thanks, Jack...But if I need to take apart the system to access any jumpers I'm just going to make do with it the way it is. I'll check, though, just to satisfy my curiosity.

    As I posted my query I thought that maybe it has to do with Logitech as both my system and my parents have logitech, and neither system had the issue with other keyboards/mice.
  3. it would be a bios setting

    although i think you can change it in the OS

    for 1 & 2 those sound like bios issues to me, like the bios doesn't properly re-initiate after it falls asleep...

    take a look in the bios settings for anything related to USBs, also my bios allows me to disable hardware level plug and play, so then it requires the OS, I don't have any issues with detection.

    For your optical drives.... idk... sorry...

    You probably won't want to do this, but i'd look into a bios update for your board, most asus mobos now have a tool to update the bios through windows
  4. Thinking it is a BIOS issue I always update my BIOS just in case. I know your not supposed to upgrade the BIOS "just because", so I have a reason to and am using the latest BIOS now.

    I'll look again about the USB devices in BIOS...I've already gone that route...maybe I missed something.
  5. What optical drives do you have? I have a similar problem with a Sony NEC Optiarc 18X DVD±R DVD Burner. Everything was working properly until SP1. Then the drive would "randomly" not be recognized. In device manager it would show an ! mark or would disappear entirely. After deleting it from device manage(if it was there) rebooting and reloading the device driver sometimes it would be recognized for a short period of time and then disappear again.

    Eventually I took an older pioneer from an XP system and put the SONY in the XP and both work fine now.

    I think that something is amiss with the Vista SP1 driver and SONY does not provide its' own driver.

  6. One of my drives is a Samsung, and I forget what the other one is. IIRC I did the driver thing...I'll check again under Device Manager and delete them...This was an issue at least as far back as when Vista first came out.

  7. p.s. I just went into my BIOS and found the option to turn off the "mass storage device". Thank goodness for that!!
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