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So I recently overclocked my CPU And Iv had a little bit of a problem. When i Turn off my PC and turn off the back power switch on my power supply, Then When i turn the power switch on the power supply back on as well as the Power to the Computer Then the PC turns on for a second and power cycles. And Then Turns on and posts and works normally. Now if i disable my overclock and go back to stock It does not to this power cycle on boot up. And it only happens when i turn off my power supply switch. IS this normal because the BIOS has to load the settings since there was no power or a problem? Motherboard is a Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
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  1. i had the same problem ... i've called to my technician and i told him about that and he told me that's this process is normal ... and then somehow my oc is disappeared ... i call him back and we oc back as i get before but he told me to change the DDR2 OverVoltage Control from +0.2v to +0.3v and the reset thing has disappeared ... try to do that ...
  2. The 'two resets' thing only happens the first time you change (or restore from a stored profile) the OC - and, even then, only sometimes: I haven't determined exactly when, but one thing I've noticed is that if it recalculates, or you manually change the tRD, it will always do the 'two resets'...

    Perhaps this will explain a little: your CPU contains a set of registers that 'tell' the BIOS what FSB and multiplier it uses; the RAM contains a set of registers (called SPD) that also tell the BIOS how it should be set up for a given FSB - some (high performance) RAM also contains an EPP, which has settings for the higher speed the RAM is capable of (example: I have 1066 - it has an SPD to tell the BIOS how to set it up as standard 800 RAM, and an EPP to tell the BIOS what it wants to reach 1066...). What happens if the board resets twice (on a new overclock), and it finds it couldn't run at the new settings, is that it resets a third time, and reads the CPU and RAM, and sets itself to those safe 'stock' settings, and, in the process, wiping out your overclock settings...
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