Need help adding a new drive.

My computer has one hardrive with windows xp installed. However my hardrive is almost full so I would like to ad another hardrive for additional storage. I also have a free copy of windows 7 pro that I got from my school that I would like to install. So here is my question: Can I ad a second hard disk to my computer and install windows 7 on the new disk without uninstalling or losing any of my programs on my original disk? I tried to just install windows 7 as an upgrade ,but its not an upgrade version, it wants to format my drive before installing.
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  1. Install your new hard drive and then copy all important docs to new drive. Check several for accuracy before moving forward. Run disk clean up, delet all unnecessary unwanted crap including internet history, defrag, then install Win 7 on old drive. You could always copy the entire old drive to new then put 7 on the old and if everything works fine delete old win.
    Remember most student or school copies of windows are stripped down versions and do not come with all the bells and whistles so you might be better to keep old windows.
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