Sata Liteon iHas124 eratic performances on Windows 7?


Recently built a new PC and grabbed the first and cheapest SATA DVD/RW drive from a vendor. A LiteOn iHas124 Y.
Haven't used it much beside installing Windows 7.

Oddly, I noticed that whenever I'm reading something off a DVD on this drive, it seems to pause frequently and in the end it takes forever to install any games or applications from a DVD.

It's seems like it's reading, takes a long pause to process... then it's reading again... and processes.... It took over 30 minutes for me to install Nero 9.
I looked up my device drivers and found no errors in the Windows 7 Device manager, Except that the device description is a CD-ROM DRIVE.

I tried updating the Driver, it told me my CD-ROM drive is up to date... :(

Went on Liteon's web site and they only have firmware updates ... no drivers , "please use windows drivers".
I used their firmware update tool... seems like I'm at the latest version.

Any ideas as to why my drive is so slow?

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  1. There are optical benchmarking tools for Nero 9. Try those.
  2. Actually, 30 minutes for installing Nero 9 is normal. An installation process is more then just reading data of the disc.
    I would run the transfer rate test with Nero DiscSpeed to check the performance of the drive.
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