Amd phenom 965be overclocking problems

I`m having major problems trying to overclock my phenom ii 965 be (1.4v) ,if i go anything over 3700 ghz my computer becomes unstable.I`ve tried raising the multiplier and fsb speeds as well as increasing the cpu voltage,i`ve also tried various ram timing configurations but nothing seems to help.When i exit the bios screen the computer shuts off and then restarts as normal, is this normal ?

phenom ii 965be 1.4v
asus M4a78t-e
g-skill ripjaw F3-12800cl8
ati radeon 5770
artic freezer 7 pro 2
seagate barracuda 500gb
winpower 650 w power supply
bios 2208

Help please !!
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  1. Make sure cool & quiet is turned off in the bios, as it can start really screwing with OCs at the 3.5ghz range or so.

    If you are Overclocking on the multiplier alone, the only thing you need to change for stability (assuming everything is stable at stock speeds) is the voltage. You need to start worrying about the other multipliers (NB, HT, memory) and timings once you start doing larger amounts of FSB overclocking.

    It could be that you have a leaky chip that likes to eat volts, and that you may need abnormally high voltages to get stability. Every chip is different and will react (even if only slightly) differently to OC. My 710 is a good example of a leaky chip. Past 3.4ghz, it requires massive upping of my voltage, to the point that I can only stabilize 3.55ghz with 1.5v. There is nothing wrong with the chip, it is just the way it is. I run it at 3.4ghz, because I don't want my chip running at 1.5v all the time, heh.
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