HyperX ram ddr400 only runs at 160 mhz!!!

Hi everyone,
I have a p4 3Gb HT cpu running on asus p4p800 deluxe mobo.In the bios manual settings of the cpu there is a setting called "external frequency. the range of the seting is 0-400 . By default the setting is 200. I raised the setting to 240 and now my cpu runs at 3.6Gb with no problems and is very stable. after booting up and getting on the desktop ,i loaded cpuz and the hyperX ddr-400 2x512 mg ram is only running at 160mhz! not 200 mhz as it should. The default ram timings from this ram is 2-3-2-6 2.6 .I really would like to get the ram to run at 200mhz or near about so i can get the most out of the ram.

Does anyone know what timings i should be running with the cpu set at 3.6Gb.

the cpu specs are:

p4 HT 3.0Gb OC to 3.6Gb
FSB: default 200 OC to 240
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  1. Your motherboard has adjusted the memory setting down so you can safely overclock your cpu. If it's stable, I would leave the settings alone.
  2. Yes it runs good and is very stable. I was just wondering if its posible to get good timings for the ram so the ram can run at 200mhz .I heard it can make abit of a difference in performance if the ram is running at its optimal speed.
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