e8400 in a p5b-e mobo?

Alright, I have done a lot of google searching, and im not that great with hardware so I figured asking you guys would be the best bet. I have an Asus P5B-E motherboard that I bought a while back when I built this computer. It runs everything I have in it great, but I have a Pentium D 3.2ghz processor that is an absolute piece of crap.

I ordered an e8400 and it is supposed to be here today. I dont have enough money to pickup a newer board at the moment, so I am trying to figure out what the downside is to running this chip in this motherboard.

This mobo is 1066 FSB and the CPU is 1333 FSB. It seems from reading various sites and what not, that the motherboard will run this chip fine with a BIOS update, but will this motherboard restrict it? Like I said I dont know a lot about hardware, so I am wondering if running the CPU in this motherboard will be worth it temporarily, or if I should just keep it boxed until I can get a new motherboard with a higher FSB.

The e8400 Processor:

The Asus P5B-E Motherboard:

Chart from ASUS about what works:
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  1. It should work in theory, but ASUS doesnt say that it officially supports it. Notice that the only BIOS revisions that support it are all beta versions? this is before the north bridge is actually overclocking to run the CPU at stock. Ive heard a few people having problems with this... if you dont mind it not booting then go for it otherwise id save for a new mobo first.
  2. Alright well the processor came in and I got it installed. It runs fine, but I got a message when I booted up that said yadda yadda recognized, but please update BIOS to unlock true potential or something along those lines. The newest one I see is the 1803, and I have the 1704 revision. Im thinking I should probably just keep it here for now, and upgrade my Mobo and RAM asap.

    On the Asus AI Suite I get the following readings (Please tell me if this all sounds right for what it is atm) and I have a Arctic Freeze 7 pro so im surprised at the temp.

    CPU Temp: 41 degrees celcius
    System Temp: 35 degrees celcius
    Volt: 1.1040 V
    Fan: 1222 rpm

    Heres something else that confuses me...
    it says FSB: 1331.46
    1997.22 mhz
    0332.86 x 6.0

    So what does that mean? Is my Mobo running at a FSB of 1333? And is my CPU only running at 2ghz atm (with a 6x multiplier due to my mobo)

    Last question...My RAM is old. I bought 2 of these 2 years ago.

    It was good at the time, but its fairly outdated now (I have 2gb of it). I plan on upgrading to some new ram this week, but will this make any difference to my CPU?
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