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I have had my sandisk for over a year and have not had any problems with it before. I ha a lot of documents on it and everything fit with more than enough space. While trying to transfer music from one computer to another, I emptied out the USB, leaving only the Launchu3.exe and system folder. I transferred the music on there just fine but when I went to put the documents back on there, it is saying that there is not enough space even though there is nothing on the USB ( i deleted the music files off of it). As of right now, the USB says that there are only two items on there (the launchu3.ex and system folder) but for some reason it says that only 73 MB are available. Can anyone please explain why this is happening and why there is no space? Thank you!
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  1. If you don't use the USB's utility, you can do away with it. Format the whole flash drive. Preferably, set it to FAT32. Then try to move files back it. It might just be a filesystem issue.
  2. i am so sorry but i am not technically gifted AT ALL. how can I format the flash drive?
  3. That's all right. This is exactly what forums are for.

    Assuming that the drive is already plugged in, open My Computer. Then search for your flash disk among the storage devices listed there. At this point, you might see "Local Disk (C:)". Your flash drive could be anywhere from E: to H:, or even higher. Right click your flash drive, and select "Format...". This will bring up a dialog box. Leave everything as is, except for "File System", which you should change to FAT32 if it isn't already. You can opt to label your flash drive with the name of your choice. Then click "Start" at the bottom. This might take a while.

    If the formatting fails at any point, then I strongly suspect that your flash drive is busted. If it succeeds, then try writing your files in. Don't forget to backup files which are on the flash drive before formatting, as it will delete everything in your drive.
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