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I just setup raid with 2 SSD's and I set up 2 mirrored partitions on the SSD's. I have never used this set up before, normally I would just split the main hard drive into 2 partitions, one that ran the OS and one that ran my games. Recently I saw a way of mirroring the partitions on the SSD so that I get the SSD speed but all of the data is stored on my 1 terabyte drive.

I have noticed that when I play modern warfare 2 that it takes longer to load up into the match. Also when its loading, I can hear the non SSD drive working, and it only works for as long as it takes to load the round. Do mirrored partitions truly get the speed of the SSD? Hopefully that all makes sense, its kind of hard to explain.
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  1. My understanding is that any form of RAID on SD's disable the TRIM feature.

    Someone oughta write a utility to do this as it seems a no brainer to take advantage of SSD's speed while minimizing the space limits.

    Lets say you have C:\ w/ your OS on the SSD and D:\ for 20 games on a HD.....obviously they all ain't gonna fit.

    1. Install first 5 games to C:\ (or whatever fits on the SSD) into C:\[game 1 name], C:\[game 2 name] etc
    2. Cut paste C:\[game 1 name], C:\[game 2 name] etc to :\[game 1 name], D:\[game 2 name] etc
    3. Rinse and repeat steps 1 and 2 for remaining 15 games

    Whenever you wanna play a particular game, just reverse the cut and paste to put it back on the SSD. Actually, you can leave your top 3 or 4 games on there and just switch them out as needed. If someone were to write an "SSD game launcher utility" which did just that .... organize your games w/ checkboxes for:

    a) leave on SSD
    b) Move from SSD to HD
    c) Move from HD to D
    d) Move from HD to SD before launching and return to HD on close

    i think it would be quite popular.
  2. Yea that would be a good program, I think im just gonna delete the mirrored partitions and just install the games to the SSD. I have 2 80's so I have a decent amount of space just for games. One question though. Can you make partitions on a raid set up? or will that mess with the partition that I have already set up to make sure that it is properly aligned?

    also will there be a loss in performance if I partition the raid array? I mainly just want my games partition separate from the system partition to keep things more organized. But I still want to have the same performance on the games partition.
  3. Partitioning has numerous performance advantages on a HD. The main advantage of a partition on an SSD would be that an image backup would be somewhat quicker to re-install.
  4. Yea normally i make partitions, but im not sure this time because I have raid set up now, I have never used raid before, I just want to make sure it wont make it slower to have partitions on a raid array
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