Creating a raid with one SATA3.0 port

does anyone make a board to do this, I don't want to plug in through PCIe (no more slots open)
basicly what I'm imagining is a SLI bridge to connect ~3 or so SATA2.0 drives with a SATA3.0 port on the other side to connect them to the motherboard...
this would not require port multiplying (as I know SATA does not support this) and would also be more discrete than a full sized PCI bus...
I know Addonics produced something like this for PATA CF cards which has a small switch on it to pop between RAID 0,1 and JBOD

anything like this that just has sata ports?

I mean consumer mech hard disks (@~7200rpm w/ a 16mb buffer) only use a little over 2 gbps... and a larger buffer only increases that slightly, atleast never hitting the 3gbps ceiling of RAID2.0, so I see this as a very realistic and inexpensive piece of hard ware...

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  1. Quote:
    this would not require port multiplying (as I know SATA does not support this)


    Exactly what are you trying? Using SLI to connect two SATA 3Gbps drives to one SATA 6Gbps host adapter on the motherboard? Good luck - it will never work.

    Either use port multipliers, or use proper PCI-express addon controllers. Good motherboards have 6 PCI-express ports; you all using them?
  2. So, in effect, what you are really looking for is a SATA 3.0 to a SATA 6.0 adapter? But with the ability to plug in more than one SATA3.0 drive.

    Not sure what that would accomplish, other than being able to plug in 2+ drives into 1 SATA port on the mobo, and other than to solve your immediate constraints.

    Essentially, this is why they make SATA/RAID controller cards.

    The device you linked to, effectively, allows users to create a "poor man's" SSD using CF cards.

    No such device exists for SATA drives.

    Maybe a device like the StarTech External HDD Dock for Dual 2.5 or 3.5in Hard Drive would meet your needs. Fact is, a device like this is closest your gonna get to what you're proposing...

    Good luck!
  3. the idea is to have a hardware RAID through one port... this would primarily be useful on boards with fewer SATA ports (think; when mini ITX gets SATAIII)
    this would enable one to reach the limits of SATAIII right now, rather than waiting for a SLED (like an SSD or a mech drive with a 1gb buffer...) to reach 6gbps... which isn't going to be happening this year or next...

    or could I buy the ICs to build a small circuit board for this? a RAID IC couldn't cost more than $5-$15 and the I/O ports are a dime a dozen... anyone know? if you let me know I'll sell them cheap!
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