How to update asus pt6 bios

Newbie here :

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
I downloaded the Bios update . and didnt find any quide how to update it any thoughts
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  1. :( any one
  2. Alternately you can go to the Asus site and all the files and info you need are there. (enter your exact motherboard info into the lines as requested and Win7 64bit when the little window pops up. It wouldn't allow me to give you a direct link)

    Look under "BIOS" and "BIOS Utility" for downloads and look up in the left corner of the page at the links and there's instructions as well.

    NOTE: Make sure you know what you are doing or you could end up with a paper weight. Flashing should only be done if you have an issue you are attempting to cure or you know there's a fix in the update that applies to you.

    Otherwise a good rule of thumb is if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  3. 1. Download the latest BIOS to a convenient place on your HD.

    2. Use Asus Update (assuming you installed it at build time) to install it. Just use the "update BIOS from file" option

    Tho I oft see posts about the risk from using AU, I have had no issues and I must have used it over 50 - 60 times.

    While I agree that "if it ain't broke don't fix it" is a strong consideration, this has to be weighed against how early in the MoBo's life you bought. I built this box soon after Win7 was released and did a BIOS update a month later.....just about all of my Event Viewer error messages disappeared with this update. At the point where a MoBo reaches EoL, no longer being sold, at that point I lean more towards not updating.

    A UPS is a good idea while updating a BIOS but then again, it always is a good idea.
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