help with furtre video card

can any one please tell me if Nvidia GeForce 9600GS will be good enough to play WAR & Warcraft (Lich King) smoothly without lag at decent settings, will be paired with a 24 inch dell * Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
* 16:9 dynamic aspect ratio
* HDMI high quality digital connection
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  1. if you want slideshow then yes
    smoothly? no.
    you will need beefy card like ati 4870 to play at that resolution smoothly.
  2. what about nvidia dont like ati
  3. for nvidia you can get 8800gt or 9800gtx if you have two 6pin connectors.

    its kind of disturbing you dont like ati since they have performance crown right now lol. I go for the best product for the price, not the company.
  4. You've got a bit of a problem there. That sort of PCs usually come with small PSUs and small cases, both of which could prevent you from upgrading to a serious gaming card. Do you have the PC already? Try to see how much room you have for the video card. You need about 9.5" for a HD 4870 and about 11" for a GTX 260, I think. Also check the PSU parameters - they should be written on the back of the PSU. You need something like 500W or more for HD 4870, and 525W/(38A on 12V) for GTX 260.
  5. If you have to go for NVIDIA (It does not offer SM 4.1 & DX 10.1) Go for ATI & you'll have the latest SM & DX. Anyway, if its NVIDIA, 9800GTX, ATI - HD 4850
    Your card's main problem is its memory bandwidth, it runs DDR2
    But IMO you can stick with it if its just Warcraft that you're gonna play
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