Unable to install Catalyst control panel/driver 8.10 for my X1300

I have a dell running an ATI Radeon X1300, and I'm unable to install the Catalyst control panel/display driver (Oct-15th) on the ATI website after my fresh Windows Vista home basic 32 installation. (Dell remotely reformatted the pc)

Here's a direct link to the downloaded update:


This is the error I get while Catalyst control panel installation:

"Could not load file or assembly 'clI.Implementation version = 2.0.3188.36932, culture=nuetral, publickeytoken= 90ba9c70f846762e' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specific.

I click ok box then shortly after iIget a window that says "Application Install: install package failure" and it shuts it down.

I've tried a few times to reinstall but with the same error. I was unable to save the log file but I will take a snapshot if needed.

I would have posted this topic on the ATI forums, but for some reason I can't post on there.

Thanks ...
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  1. Sounds like conflicting drivers. This might be a little over your head or I am giving you too many details, as always it is hard to gauge some one's knowledge in anything especially computers so I hope I do not offend you.

    First download a program called Driver Sweeper, but do not run it yet.

    Go to control panel > programs and feature > ATI drivers > uninstall > control panel again > (this step might be the first one you take if the ATI drivers are not available under programs and features) device manager > VGA adapter/device > right click on your card > click uninstall > check uninstall device

    Now reboot windows into safe mode ( hit F8 while booting and then hit safe mode)

    Go to control panel > device manager again > VGA adapter/device again > right click on what ever comes up under it > uninstall (this uninstalls the windows generic driver)

    Now open driver sweeper > click ATI under the Home tab > hit Analyze > hit clean > drivers should be completely erased at this point

    Reboot again ( safe mode optional) and install the drivers and CCC. Good luck.
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