Abit ip35 pro-New build-Postcode 6.d stuck pls help

Hello-Well after 3 hours of trying to figure it out. I gave in and wanted to ask the "pro's". Firstly, this is my first pc build. Im using the following:

abit ip35 pro
intel e8400
thermaltake 750w ps
8gb corsair xms2
vista 64 bit

Ok, I got everything put together today. I plugged my pc in and it does start no peeps. Though Im getting postcode error 6.d. Which stats in my user guide:
1. assign resources to all ISA PnP devices
2. Auto assign ports to onboard COM ports if the corresponding item in setup is set to "AUTO".

I have no clue what this means. Thus, after doing research on the net. Some suggested clearing my cmos. In which I did with no luck. I also disconnected the battery connected to my mobo for 1hr. This didn't help the problem.

Again, I have yet to install the BIOS because I cant get by the postcode 6d. Im really stuck here. I have no idea what the problem might be. Any vauled information would be very helpfull.

Thanks again in advance.
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  1. Clearing cmos requires unplugging the power cord. Did you?

    Try each stick of ram in each slot, once the pc posts, go to bios, load default, bump ddr2 voltage a notch to no higher than 2.1v, install the other sticks.
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