SATA as Master Boot, but IDE takes

G'day. New to forum. Thanks in advance for any help.
I am trying to get my New system ( Gigabyte MB + Duo Pent CPU )
To boot from my SATA HD as master & IDE as slave. I try to adjust as needed in the BIOS
so the SATA is Master & IDE slave....but no luck. No mater where I but the Jumpers on the
IDE HD, the IDE always gets priority in the BIOS boot menu, cannot change it.
there is no OS on the IDE the SATA boots up Ok when I unplug the IDE HD.....any ideas?

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  1. I am not familiar with your particular board, but normally, you can change the priority in the BIOS BOOT menu, not just by changing the IDE jumper to make it master or slave.
  2. Quote:
    you change the priority in the BIOS BOOT menu, not by changing the IDE jumper

    Fixed. Gigabyte has made more then one motherboard, so we can't directly point out how to do this. Look for the boot order, change it.
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