First Build - having issues with the PC turning off


So I figured instead of buying a new pc, I would build one. Now I'm having issues with my new build.

Here are the components that I'm using.

Intel Quad Core q9550
Stock CPU fan
Asus Rampage Formula
Corsair HX1000W PSU
8GB Corsair Dominator DDR2-1066
3 Samsung Spinpoint F1 750Gb HDD
Samsung DVDRW

I installed the components and booted the PC. I am able to get into the bios, but when I try installing Server 2K3 Enterprise, the PC automatically shuts down within 15-20 seconds of starting the install. But if I remain in the bios, the PC will stay on.

I think it might be the CPU temp and the bios states that its around 83 - 85 degrees C (185 degrees F). But I've been told the bios readings are not an accurate measure and I should use real temp. Since I can't install anything onto the PC, I have no way of checking if that is the problem.

I have double checked the stock CPU fan and its mounted correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If your BIOS says 83-85C you definitely have a problem. First, you'll want to remove that Stock CPU fan and throw it in the garbage. Then install an aftermarket cooler.

    If you want to stick that step for now, remove your CPU cooler and make sure it is installed and seated properly. And make certain you put some thermal paste between the CPU and the cooler. You've definitely got a heat related problem which is likely causing your system to shut down to keep your CPU from melting down.

    I don't know the exact max temp for your Q9550, but my Q6600 is about 70-72C as an absolute maximum. Yours is probably somewhere very close to that.
  2. Yeah the BIOS temps are not an accurate reading, however they are not far off the real temp, so even if it's not really at 85C, it's still telling you that it's blazing hot. Follow the advice above and get a Xigmatek HDT-S1283 w/ retention bracket.
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