i7 Only reporting 2 cores and 4 threads

Hello all...first post here! Wish it weas a more positive first post though..

I have an i7 system I just built that has been running great so far, but I dl'd CPUZ and noticed that my i7 920 is running 2 cores and 4 threads rather than 4 cores and 8 threads. In addition to this, it would seem I am only showing two cores in the BIOS, Prime95, Orthos, and CoreTemp. Cinebench is opnmly showing 4 threads. I am pretty sure it used to show all 8 threads in the task manager before, but now it is only showing 4. Unless the 4 it is showing are cores.

I checked the bios and my number of cores options are 1, 2, and All. However, when I open Msconfig and go to advanced in the boot menu the drop-down box shows 1, 2, 3, and 4 cores as options.

My Specs:
Vista 64bit
i7 920
ASUS P6T Deluxe (Bios 905)
1000w Corsair PSU

I am completely at a loss here and have no idea what to do. This is a fresh install on a new system. I hardly have any programs installed and only a few games.

Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!
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  1. Try resetting CMOS, or if that fails, using the shipping BIOS 0804 instead. Whenever you change the BIOS, the first prudent thing to do is shut down and reset the configuration.
  2. Hello Wr,

    Yeah, when I updated to BIOS 905 I did as you stated, and I could have swore everything was running fine. I suppose I could have screwed soemthing up along the way. I know there was once situation while OC'ing that my comp. would boot into Windows and I had to use the reset button on the mob. I wonder if that could have potentially borked my BIOS.
  3. Temps? It could be throttling.
  4. Run "msconfig" and go to the boot tab. Select "Advanced options." If "Number of processors" is checked, uncheck it. If it is unchecked, check it and selecet the correct number of processors (threads) if the option is available. If the right number is not available, then it is likely that your BIOS needs updating (which you did), your BIOS settings may have a certain number of cores disabled or (most likely) you need to re-install Windows.
  5. I has a similar problem with my C2Q, it was a bent pin on the MB, check that, also, may be a bad Proc
  6. ACPI on while installing OS? it should be.
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