Scorpio Black vs SSD?

Im debating on rather to purchase and SSD and replace my current 320gb scorpio black

I see performance charts but those dont mean anything to me, what i would like to know is if there will be significant speed difference between a good SSD and my scorpio black that i currently have in my laptop.
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  1. The difference in I/O performance is huge, yes. Not 20% faster, not 100% faster, but 10000% faster, when you're using it as System disk.

    Benchmarks are hard to interpret though, and having a fast disk doesn't mean all tasks happen instantly; bottlenecks exist both real and artificial (timers in applications). But SSDs have seen the biggest performance improvement in the history of computing i would say; not counting pre-microprocessor age. :P
  2. Get a good SSD though, not a crappy one. Intel, Sandforce, Micron, those you should be looking for. Don't stare yourself blind on all the 192809483290483908420 different brands, there are only a few controllers chips out there; just like its nVidia/ATi on the graphics cards; the exact brand (Club3D,Asus,MSI,Gainward,etc) is just the label and packaging; it changes nothing on the normalized performance of the product.
  3. Im looking at this drive from newegg, how would the quality and lifespan of a drive like this be?
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