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I have a RAID 5 array set up on my computer with 3 Maxtor 250GB hard drives. However was playing Empire: Total War last night and the computer crashed with the BSOD. I rebooted like it said but now upon boot up the the Nvidia RAID management is displaying error messages 1 saying that a 250GB drive has a error and another saying that the 500GB (250GB x 2) drive has degraded.
The hard drives I have only had for a few months and I suspect the motherboard SATA ports may be a bit dodgey as I have had problems with hard drives failing before, so I was wondering if there is any way of testing the SATA ports on the motherboard before I try sending it back. Also I want to make sure that the RAID array isn't lost completely if I unplug any of the drive as long as I plug it back in in exactly the same way again.

The system I am using is:
AMD 6000+ Athlon 64 x2 3.0Ghz
ASUS crosshair Formula II
XFX 9800GTX+ 512MB DDR3
Maxtor 250GB x3 (RAID 5)
DVD-ROM drive
DVD-RW Drive
600W power supply

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Jamie
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  1. You probably want to get some RAID edition drives.
    Non RAID drives can casue problems such as yours.
  2. Ok thanks ill look in to that but for the time being will i be able to delete the drive giving me an error from the array then rebuild the array with that drive included again. or would that mean i would lose my data. I'm kinda new to this whole RAID thing first time ive tried it :P
  3. Yes, you can do that.
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