decision! help! witch?

m on a low budget, so i learned core2duo are better then dual core for its cache and fsb, and games love cache but core2 duo are expensive... so should i get a e2200 2.2 dual core or try to get e4300 1.8 core2 duo... im gonna have them with 2gb rams and i want a 512mb nvidia .. i want to be able to play gta4 , and multitask... its time to upgrade from my 1.8 amd duron with 768ram and 128 geforce ........ here in my contry i can get the e2200 is at 80$ US and e4300 i^ll have to buy on ebay hopefully fair price... witch sould i try to get... I DONT OVERCLOCK!! so dont base your answser on that im a newbie for now.... thanks alot!!!
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  1. Core 2 duo are good for some games but are not for others, and more games are now benefiting from quad cores. If you get a quad core you wont have to upgrade for a longer time then if you get a dual core.

    These are the games so far ive found with better FPS on a Quad core comapred to a Duo core, in which the cpus from both are both comparable ie a Q6600 and a E6600, or a Q9300 and a E6600

    Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance 6.79FPS difference - better the quad

    GTA IV 9.8 FPS difference - better the quad. A Q6600 is about 52 percent faster than the dual-core E6600 when both CPUs are running at 2.4 GHz. You need to overclock it up to 3.6 GHZ for it to perform better then the stock Q6600 at its origninal 2.4GHZ!.

    FAR CRY 2 10 FPS differnece- better the quad

    Lost Planet couldnt find a E6600 vs a Q6600 so its a E6850 instead - difference 19fps.

    Alan Awake - Yet to be realease but as I said that game is probaly going to be the game that most benefits from the quad over the duo one core for the graphics thread – preparing graphical information for processing by the GPU – another core for the game logic – AI and whatnot – and a third for physics.

    And a few more games I havent said yet. If this is how many games benefit from quad cores over duo cores just in 2008 then how many games do you think will be better on a quad in 2009?
  2. if you are on a budget get the E5200 its a 45-nm 2.5 Ghz pentium dual core it OC really well too the pentium dual cores do really well for preformance if you are on a budget, that with a decent graphics card and 2 gig ram will work fine.

    my GF has an E2200 OC to 3.4 Ghz 7900GTO and 4 gig ram and runs n e fing thats thrown at it except crysis which runs but not in max obviosly

    my advice go fo these CPU's if u can afford

    cheapest E5200 2-4 gig 800 mhz ram
    midrange Q6600 4 gig 800 mhz ram
    top Core i7 6 gig DDR 3
  3. Im sorry but your not going to be playing gta 4 on a 1.8 dual core. Get at least a 2.2. People with quads and hd4870 x2s cant max it out. As for a video card i would recommend an hd 4830. Or maybe you could do better, What is your budget? i built my rig for 450$ and its pretty good.
  4. Specs, EAZY-E?

    You will most certainly need to splash some cash to play GTA4. There are a few threads in the Games section that detail what rigs are producing what fps if you need some guidance.
  5. um hasn't this guy already posted this question somewhere...
  6. kinda hard to keep track tbh
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