Professional help needed. (CPU temperature and Mobo)


Before I start, these are my specs

Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 not OC'd 2.1GHZ
Motherboard : EVGA nforce 650i Ultra
XFX Geforce 8600GT XXX Edition
OCZ EL DDR2 PC2-6400 / 800 MHz (2Gigs) - CPU fan

Winxp Pro

I'm using Intel Thermal Analysis tool to see the cpu temperature and its showing between 35c - 43c , room temp around 17 - 20 , Under stress it reaches 65c , which i know isnt too good, Am trying to figure out the cause of this heat issue for the cpu, ive reapplied thermal paste, ive checked to see if the cpufan/heatsink are placed well on cpu chip itself, I can't find a reason for this temperature. Ive overclocked my cpu to 3.2ghz and ran a stress test using different and Intel thermal , it reached 79 80c , the side of the tower is open to let the cool air in, Ive even opened the window in the room to drop tempurture to atleast 8c 10c with wind blowing from outside -3c just to see what effect it might have on the cpu. Am considering buying a new cpufan/heatsink but not sure if this will slove anything, Also In this picture i've circled another heat issue, This black heatsink i believe is for onboard video card, gets also overheated, touching it after few hours of computer running can burn ur finger,,, if u hold it there long enough :lol:

recommendations, suggestions, any ideas please help lol.
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  1. have a quick look with either real temp or everest and see what temps it brings back
  2. If that is the stock heatsink, everyone knows it is crap. Before you overclock, try something with at least heat pipes
  3. As i understand it, having the side panel off will not aid airflow, as the path of air through your tower is disrupted, so you should not expect better results in that scenario.
    Same reason why i dont use the side fan slot on my Antec 300, rather the 2 HDD slots pushing air through the machine to the top rear 2 fans.
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