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I recently built a new computer and, due to lack of ide ports on my chosen motherboard, I bought a pci ide/sata adapter (MASSCOOL XWT-RC018). I connected my cd (actually its a dvd, but that shouldn't make a difference) drive to the ide card. (the drive is on cable select and on the master slot of the cable). I can't seem to boot a knoppix live cd from this drive. I have heard about changing SCSI settings in the bios, but I have looked at my bios and cant find anything of the sort. My motherboard is an ASUS P5Q-VM. I don't have a floppy drive installed so a boot floppy is not an option. All help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Try the IDE port on the motherboard.
    Knoppix is Linux. It may have a hard time booting from a PCI IDE/Sata card, since it doesn't have the drivers. Or the card may not be compatible with Linux.
    Also make sure the boot order in the bios is set to boot from the DVD first.
  2. Thanks for the reply evongugg. I am using the onboard ide port for my two hard drives. I suppose I could swap them, but I'd like to make sure there's nothing else I can do first. Also, I have tried a windows xp installation disk as well since writing this thread. I could not get it to boot from this either.
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