Help with changing memory from 800 Mhz to 1066 Mhz

Just to let you know, I did purchase 1066 ddr2 memory, 8 gigs of 2x2 g.skill pc28500 and it runs at 800 mHz. From what I understand is that ddr2 mobo's only read at 800 mHz, so I need help with changing it to 1066 or anything above 900 for that matter. I have all 4 slots filled, here are my specs.

Mobo: Asus Striker II formula
CPU: Q9300 quad 2.5 ghz
Memory: 2x2 gigs g.skill pc2 8500 (8 gigs in total).
Sound: SB X-FI xtreme

if there is any additional information you need ill be glad to give it, but could someone please try and help me change my memory so it read 1066 or higher then 800. I get lost in bios, I have found an area where it allows me to change my FSB and memory, on that screen it reads FSB 1333.3 mHz and memory at 800 and allows me to change both but I'm not sure if thats right.
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  1. you will not get it at 1066 because your using 2 sticks of ram in dual channel mode which means the memory is halved for both sticks to make a total of 1066 or something similar
  2. Since you're running 4 sticks of RAM, you may not get the highest possible overclock out of this. If you want to do that, then I'd suggest that you cut back to 2 sticks.

    Try running 400FSB for your system, and then a memory divider of 4/3 (asynchronous mode).

    Alternatively, OC your system to the highest possible FSB at 1:1 synchronous mode, and once that's done, try raising your memory divider as high as possible.

    In terms of real world use, 400FSB at 1:1 is probably best in your situation.
  3. Your processor is running on a 333mhz FSB. That means that 800 mhz memory, (DDR2@ 400mhz x2) is already faster memory than your system can actually use .....1066 memory will net you almost nothing in performance gain. It will show slightly faster benchmarks, slightly. In real world use, you won't notice a thing.
  4. Gotta love when people spend an extra 50 bucks on absolutely nothing. What ever happened to making educated purchases?
  5. ah thank you guys for your help
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