"Specific graphic card help"

if anyone has a computer setup like mine or close to mine, can you help me out.

I have a hp media center computer
amd athlon 64 X2 2.8GHz 5600+
3gb memory 667MHz DDR2
500GB HD
8800GTS 320mb
Vista Home premium 32-bit

NOTE-My AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ (even though this is a dual core 2.8GHz processor, i think its bottlenecking my 4870)

I need to know for my setup what would be the best graphics card. I have a 4870 sitting under my bed, i would like to stick to nvidia, but which would be best, invest in a 4870 X2 or a 9800GX2, or should i use my 4870 512mb GDDR5 or buy a GTX 280. I like to play games like Crysis and cant wait for Fallout 3 and Far cry 2. The only reason i dont use my 4870 is because the fan is annoying and to me, my 8800GTS 320 gets better performance on games that are graphic un-intensive like sims 2 and stuff. Sure my 4870 gets good performance on crysis but its no big differnce from my 8800GTS. Can anyone help me, or if there is another thread thats pretty much the same can you give me the hyperlink. I can't do SLI or CF, so i would like to have a GX2 or 4870 X2 since its like one card with two GPU's(low profile CF and SLI)
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  1. Anythig above the 4870, and maybe even that , is going to be bottlenecked by you CPU. I would put the 4870 in and get the most out of what I had. Unless you are going to upgrade everything esle dont buy others.
  2. what res?
  3. You have a media centre system, how much space is there to install a video card? Both the GTXs` are 11.5 inches long and in small cases simply do not fit.
    Best deal seems to be the 9800GX2 but it needs a beefy power supply so please tell us the PSU rating in total Watts and how much is on the 12v rails.
    Or you could re-install the HD4870 and use the new 8.10 drivers from ATI(sorry, I mean AMD) which include a fan control feature on the CCC. I find that for most uses 35% is enough and not too loud but higher speeds would be advisable if you`re benchmarking

    And I, too miss the silence of my dear departed 8800 GTS 640.
  4. The 4870, 9800GX2 and GTX260 are comparable cards, and a nice jump over your 8800GTS-320. There are differences, depending on the game, resolution, effects, but by and large, they are more similar than different.

    Can they fit in your case? I think the GTX260 and 9800GX2 are 10.5" cards(not 11.5"), and require two 6 pin pci-e connectors. You need both room in the case and a psu with two pci-e connectors to run. A Nvidia card will be easier to install, you just pop it in, possibly while updating the drivers to currency. With ATI, you will have to go through the driver removal process first, and you may not get all of the old driver out.

    For quiet, you might look at the Asus ENGTX260 as reviewed on SPCR:

    It is not clear to me if the cooler on the Asus is any different from the stock cooler on any GTX260 or GTX280, but they thought it was very quiet.

    There should be a good market for your 4870 if you want a nvidia product.
    If you don't like the noise of the 4870, I don't think the 4870X2 will be any better, and it is a big jump in dollars. Not worth it to me.
  5. im only running on a 500 watt psu, its an antec 500 earthwatts. Im only running on a 17inch dell flat panel monitor with a 1280x1024 resolution. And yes, theres plenty of room for any card up to 13inches long
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