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I have just got a CM Stacker 830 and I want to set up a decent fan system using 120mm fans, I want to use as much as I can fit into it without losing space for other components (4 HDD's) and I also need to set up a Fan Controller / Monitor, Yet I know nothing about any of this.

Can anyone please recommend a decent controller that will allow me to monitor the temp inside the case as well as control 5-6 fans? I'm not sure what fans to go with but I'm basically looking for anything that will go well with a blue or greenish theme.

Thanks alot.
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    The nzxt can control up to 5 fan on AUTO or MANUAL mode.
    I better like the NZXT but it take 2 slot. the 2 come wiht Temp probe, all working well. The NZXT use its probe to vary Fan speed on auto mode but i prefer Manual. I currently run those 2 Controler whit ALL fan connected and they work great. Giving me a chance to listen a Move in a quiet atmosfere or Play game whit NICE temp.
    You can still buy a standard one without display and mechanical switch.
  2. Best temperature control is with a program, like Everest.

    7 channel with 3 heat sensors. Looks pretty good also. 7 channel is the biggest I have seen.
  3. hrmm, the first one looks quite good but cant find it anywhere that ships in Canada.

    2nd one looks sweet, but it takes up too much space and according to reviews has a bad lcd panel.

    what about something like this.
    thats all done by software right ? how would i know if i have an esa motherboard?

    can you suggest any decent fans to go with the system?

    Thanks alot.
  4. Noctua NF-S12-1200 fans or
    Yate Loom fans.

    Scythe's S-flex 120's are really good fans - they don't make bearing noise when you slow them down with a speed controller. Nexxus is highly recommended for the quietest fans - but I've never tried them.
  5. Alright, those look like some good fans, The noctua ones are a bit expensive, can't find the Yate Loom ones and the Scythes look pretty cool.

    What about Apevia? are they a good brand? and will the fan controller I posted be able to control the Scythe fans ?
    im looking at these ones
  6. Apevia is not a good brand. I would prefer Antec Tri-Cool, unless you are going for price.
    jab-tech carries yate-loon fans.
    You need fans with a 3-pin (small) connector if you want to hook them up to a fan controller. I don't think molex will work unless you buy an adapter. Might as well get them with the three pin connector or 4-pin connector which supports PWM.
  7. ignore the s12 and get the p12 instead if you go the noctua route.
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