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I've just built a new system, but am having trouble choosing a graphics card. I have a high-res CRT (2048*1536) that I'd like to be able to use at full res. Also, I'd like this system to last at least 2-3 years and still play games well.


2gb AData 1066 DDR2
Gigabyte EP45-DS3L
XFX 8400gs (Temp. until I get a better card)
430w Thermaltake True Power

What would you choose?

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  1. Hey mike

    i would get 2 4850 cards xfire them (infact i have done so on my system) with a x48 chipset motherboard.

    Processor i would get a e 8400 or an e8500. ddr3 ram 2 to 4 gb your preference.

    Corsair powersupply -620 hx .

    This is basically my system, only i have a dell 22 inch monitor. Everything runs beautifully :)
  2. looks like he already has a system in place and just needs the card. Out of those 2 and that res that you are running at I would def go with the 4870. A 4870x2 would suit you alot better at that res, but that is double $, so my vote is for the 4870. I am unsure, but a GTX260 may be better for you considering the res. I dont have time to look up high res benchies right now, but if no one else has commented on it by the time I get back I will take a look.


  3. Ok, now what would the power requirements be for the 4870? I have a feeling the 430w ps I have won't be good enough. Any recommendations for between $50-$90 on a decent power supply for just one card?
  4. You're going to be choking your card at that resolution, you should look at the 1gig versions..... 4870/4850 for the extra video ram. And if you goto guru3d you might see a benchmark for a 2gig 4850......... think it said it was useless though........ you'll have to look.
  5. well if unless your crt is extremely large, theres really no point playing at 2048x1536
  6. Anandtech just relaease a review about the HD4870 1G. Worth the price, considering that the price point is around 300$.

    take a look. http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=3415
  7. Well, it's a 21" CRT, and I've played portal on it at max res and is looks awesome (old p4 w/ 2600xt agp - old computer). Also, would the 430w ps, be enough to power any of the two cards?
  8. Hello there.

    You really need to changer your PSU. I suggest this one

    The 620HX its better but also expensive.

    Very good one PSU

    And the video Card you should go for the hd4870 1GB if you prefer ati or maybe de 4870X2 not less because of the res you'll be playing, and nvidia its better on hig res with filter because of the ram bus (GTX 260 448bit and GTX 280 512bit)

    So I suggets GTX 260 or HD4870 the 1Gb version. and if you have the money a 4870x2 plus de PSU (I dont Think so)
  9. 430W PSU is a minimum for 1 X 4850 GPU. And the 4850 is great up to 1680 X 1050 max. I am not sure what your best res on a 21 inch 4:3 CRT but I am sure you should forget crossfire.
  10. Well, your board has a single PCI-E slot so you can't crossfire. I'd say go with the 4870 1GB then. It will allow a greater range of games to play at that resolution. I also recommend getting the 1GB version as more RAM will help you out at those higher resolutions. Just don't expect to play Crysis on high at that resolution :D . One of the things I like about CRTs is that setting them at a resolution lower than their max is usually fine, unlike LCDs. Even though it can go higher I play most of my games on my 19" NEC CRT at 1280x1024, but Crysis I run at 1024x768 at medium and it looks just fine.
  11. Sweet. Thanks guys. Also, I don't really play crysis so all's good. Mostly CoD4, TF2, GRID, and WiC
  12. And, any other recommended psu's? No crossfire, just the 4870 and under $100.
  13. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139004

    if u want one a little cheaper but i think in the long run the 650watt one is better. well mostly the crossfire one carry 2x pci-e connect and that what the 4870 need.
  14. Sweet, thanks.
  15. Great PSU recommendation tato999. I have been using that exact same one for about 3 months now to power my system and it is doing great.


  16. a 21" crt huh...just saying it already hurts my back...
  17. It was a beast to carry up 5 flights of stairs to my dorm (~70 lbs - Sony CPD-E500). It is an awesome screen though and isn't getting replaced anytime soon.
  18. I was heartbroken when my 21" CRT got fried in a sudden T-storm. I have a good 22" LCD....but it's not the same......
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