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Hello, iI want my IP address to change evertime I log in. My internet identity was stoln. Please say I do the postings according to the ip addess.I did not know someone could take over my ip address. So NOW I want a floating IP address so MY messages can not be tracked back to me. If he uses MY IP address I can prove that it is no longer MY IP address. How do I go about it?? call me at 772 359 8400 or email me a AMERICAHELP1@ATT.NET
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  1. Your phone number is now officially floating.
  2. You must understand... AT&T does not grant static IP addresses to anyone but business class subscribers, unless you want to pay for a static IP address over and above your normal monthly bill as an individual. To say your IP number was stolen is not much of a consequence if you have a dynamic IP number.
    For the record: A "Static" IP address does not change, it is yours and you will use it every time you turn on your computer, reset your modem, router or whatever. A "Dynamic" IP address changes every time you reset your modem and will also change automatically as your connection lease time expires, (about every 1 to 3 days for most companies, even if you do not disconnect or reset your equipment).

    Your trouble may be in your computer, not your IP number. The program
    Back Orifice still exist to this day, NetBus still exist to this day, and many others that allow your computer to send out your current IP address to someone without your knowledge. Back Orifice and NetBus allow near complete control of your computer by the person doing the controlling. They work as well as Windows remote assistance but do not announce themselves to the victim. If you change your IP address every 10 minutes, they will get an update from your computer every ten minutes too.

    A well written trojan will report your IP address and also echo your keystrokes out to the controlling persons in chunks or even live as you type, but usually in outgoing chunks that are blended in with other outgoing IP traffic to make immediate detection difficult.

    Hackers are clever people. Get a good anti-virus program, not some free piece of crap program off the internet. I like
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus and you can try it for a month... free.
    Get a good network monitor so you can see every connection in and out of your machine.
    Netpeeker works well for this purpose and includes a built-in "Whois" function to quickly look up suspicious IP addresses.

    Get the now-gone Internet Security Systems "BlackIce" firewall as it has application execution protection that is unmatched by any other product. ISS was purchased by IBM a few years ago and within days, the first thing IBM did was kill BlackIce. With BlackIce application prevention, if something tries to run, or access the internet, BlackIce will kill the process or block it, or allow it (as you have selected in preferences, per individual executable or DLL's in your machine). BlackIce is also a formidable firewall that beats anything Norton has ever sold.

    Links above are either purple or red.

    Good Luck, I think the problem is in your computer.

  3. Your first issue is that you go around posting personal info like your phone number and email to a public site like this. With things like this, it was probably not very hard to get other info.

    Here are some links to get you educated a bit on security.
  4. badge said:
    Your phone number is now officially floating.

    I'm a bit surprised a moderator hasn't come by yet to mask that info... I think they have such capability

  5. aford10 can call ole tweety and practice his hooker impersonation.
  6. Sir, are you absolutely certain that it is only an impersonation?

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