Computer Won't Read Harddrive In Thermaltake Blacx Duet

Hello I was having a problem with my Harddrive as stated in this thread:

Anyways as suggested I bought a external harddrive, the Thermaltake Blacx Duet but when I plug it into my computer the Blacx lights just keeps flashing and it makes a clicking noise. My computer wont read it and when I try to click my computer to see if it shows up sometimes the computer locks up until I pull the USB plug. I know its the harddrive and not the Blacx as I tried a different harddrive and it read it perfectly. My question is if there is any software or anything I can do at all (Preferable for free) to transfer the data from my harddrive to my other computer or am I out of luck?
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  1. Try PC Inspector - free version.
    I would say the drive has had a head crash and you're SOL, but still give it a try.
  2. This is a Windows 7 issue with BlacX. I fought mine 24 hours on my Win7 machine, then moved the thing over to an XP box and boom, read the drive no problem.
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