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Hey guys. So, I have a small problem. I noticed the other night that one of my hard drives was acting funny. I wasn't able to run any data off of the drive, however windows still detected it. I booted into the bios, and it became undetected. I can hear the drive spinning up, but it remains undetected. Any suggestions?
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  1. Try reseating the cables. Try in another computer. Try new cable.
  2. I am wondering if it is like either of these two videos because I am having the same problem:

    It happened today and I am trying to figure out my options as a couple of ppl make it look like all is lost. I'm optimistic that this is not totally true. I would advise doing your homework and not rushing to try as many home remedies as you can find because not all would apply to your problem. The more you try that are wrong, the harder it will be to recover data.
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