Anyone know if my Sli 9800gtx+ gonna be ok ?

OK just a lil question, i have a 600W thermaltake toughpower series. I had read some forum and they talk about 700+ PS for s SLI 9800gtx+ .... My zalman ZM-MFC2 never showed over 300W on load, its like 280-290 for my entire system. so another GTX+ probably gonna lead me to 400-450W or 500 MAX !!!! so my 600 is ok, and its a good PS. i have 4X 18 amp 12v.

Just wanna know if im OK whit my TT 600W. THX alot !
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  1. Should be OK, but the only way to really find out is to plug it in. You mighnt be pushing it a little though, and consider that the closer you constantly push your PSU to it's peak the lower it's lifespan. You may want to look at this to get an idea of what you will need
  2. Well..."they" say you should never go over 75% of your power supplies max power. If your system is eating 500W estimated out of a 600W max PSU, then you are cutting it really close. This is what I have . As you can see the second review there the guy says hes SLI'n 8800GTX's, which uses basically the same amount of power as the 9800GTX, maybe more. So you should be ok as far as the amps are there on the rails on that 600W you have. The muskin has 4 rails, 20A on each.

    While this might not be the best determining factor, its one I personally have used a few times and its worked out; go by the connectors on the PSU. This 580W Mushkin I have is 84% efficency, it has one 6pin and one 6+2pin. It can handle two 4850's just fine, a single 4870 or a single 4870 X2, but two 4870's are out of bounds, A. Because of the power, and B. because of the lack of connectors for it. Yea yea you can use molex adapters, but I dont recomend that. If it dosent have the plugs natively, then I wont recommend multi-card setups. I made that way to drawn out than it needed to be, but...

    Amperage needs to be looked at too of course.
  3. You should be fine. The system will not run at 100% all day long, 90% of the time it will be below 20% load. I recommend you get more RAM though...
  4. Actually Spathotan I would not put a 4870 X2 in anything with less than a 600-650w PSU, believe me these things suck juice and don't like to fully Idle in 2D mode.
  5. listen that is more then enough to run sli 9800gtx+.
    i have 2 gtx260 in sli using 500w psu.
  6. THX alot all. I might buy it soon, so ill give a reply about it ! THX again !
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