[Newly Built] Existing build looking for best upgrade possible.

So, I have my build in my profile. Right now I'm getting decent framerates in Crysis (25-30~ avg) with everything on high, however sometimes the FPS dips to unfavorable rates. So, what would be cheapest thing I could do to up my FPS, and what could be the most expensive? Would adjusting my ram timings help much? What about OCing my proc a bit more?

I'm also planning on getting a 22" LCD soon, with a resolution of 1600x1000, so I want to run crysis at around that resolution.

I'm running Windows XP 32 btw.

Since I can't see my signature:


AMD 5000+ BE OC'd to 3045 mhz (14.5 multi, 210 FSB, 1.4v) Thermaltake TR2-R1 Cooler. (53 degrees celcius under orthos for 8 hours).


Gigabyte MA790x-DS4, PCI-E 2.0 x2 (8x, 8x in Crossfire).
HT Link at 1000
+25 volts to both northbridge and south.


OCZ DFI Special Edition Dual Channel PC 6400, running at 800 speed, 5 5 5 15 timings, 2.1V. 2x1 GB.

Video Card=

Visiontek 4850 at 685 core, 1145 ram


Powerup 800 Watts.


19" LCD monitor at 1200x1000.
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  1. I think you should be getting better performance in Crysis than 25-30FPS on high settings. I get better than that with my 8800GT and your 4850 should beat the pants off of that. Granted I have an E6750 at 3.2GHz and 4GB of DDR2-800 at 4-4-4-12, but that shouldn't make a huge difference in average FPS.
  2. Any suggestions on what to do?
  3. you could always add another 4850 for crossfire...
  4. get a 2x2GB ram upgrade... not saying it will specifically help Crysis, but it could reduce bottlenecks elsewhere in the OS which could free up resources for Crysis..
  5. nocteratus said:
    you could always add another 4850 for crossfire...

    Yeah, this would likely give you the most improvement. Adding 2x2gb pc6400 cl4 ram would probably help too. However, I wouldn't trust that cheap, generic 800W psu you have. On paper it should work, but if you stress it, it'll probably fry. Get a Corsair, pc power & cooling, or other good brand.
  6. I don't really know much about Power UP PSUs. Could be decent, could be crap. If it's at least semi-decent it should allow you to crossfire. The cheapest thing you can do to get decent framerates on Crysis is LOWER YOUR SETTINGS TO MEDIUM :D ! That won't cost you anything :lol: . Well at least lower the shadows to medium, since its a big drag on the fps and shadows at medium are fine.

    As for upgrading you're computer getting another 4850 would help. I'm assuming you have the 1GB version. You may also want to upgrade your RAM. Of course if you get a bigger LCD with a higher resolution you'll be right back in the same situation. For now make sure you turn off any background services you don't need to play the game, especially any virus scanners. Also make sure you're using the 1.2 patch, just in the small chance you aren't.
  7. lifelease said:
    Any suggestions on what to do?

    What video driver are you using? I think 8.9 is the latest.

    As for your hardware, you could add another 2GB of RAM for sure. Also, AMD systems are especially sensitive to memory timings; lowering them to 4-4-4-12 might help a bit. Other than that it looks like you have a pretty solid system. For some reason you aren't getting the FPS you should be getting in Crysis, but I couldn't begin to tell you why.
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