Should I get the 6Gbps HD and Motherboard?

I'm looking to build a new rig and I am not sure if its a good idea to invest in a new 6gbps HD and maybe a compatible motherboard, would it be a good choice, it seems there are not that many 6gbps compatible HDs (on newegg at least).

or should I invest in more RPMs? SSD?
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  1. Well, get the mobo USB 3.0 and SATA III, but also try to get the SSD, at least 80GB ($299.99)
  2. Hmm, would it be more affordable for an 10,000RPM or a 6GBPS?
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    Well I think that the SATA III will be, or maybe a 15,000 RMP HDD
  4. hmm thanks! any reason why there arent that many sata3.0 HDDs out yet? i thought it would be the new norm.
  5. ^The same reason with the new technology, sometimes is very expensive when this comes out and many manufacturer prefer don't take the risk build mobos with the new technology for users that maybe don't buy it.
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  7. ty sir.
  8. A hard drive with a 6Gbit/sec SATA connection attached to a motherboard with a 6GBit/sec SATA connection won't perform ANY better than one using 3Gbit/sec SATA. The hard drives themselves are much slower than the connection is.

    Only SSDs are getting close to the limits of 3Gbit/sec SATA. It will probably be the next generation of SSDs (or the one after that) where 6Gbit/sec SATA will actually make a difference.
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