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Last year when i got my router everything worked great.It's a Linksys N Ultra Range Plus, model # WRT160N. Just recently I have been having problems. Both mine and my wife's lap tops work fine but I am only showing 2 bars in my sugnal strength. On my PS3 however I only have a fluctuating strength of 7-20%. Last year when I bought the router in was somewhere between 50-70%. Nothing in the house has been rearanged or added that wasn't there when I first installed the router. I plan on just going ahead and hard-wiring my PS3 but I paid entirely too much money for this router to be having this poor of a signal. Please, any input that you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. If router has external antennas, look at Seattlewireless.com antenna pages. Look at simple reflectors that boost the signal. Also longer screw on antennas can be used with reflectors. Take a 1 foot or larger square of tinfoil. Bend in middle 90-130 degrees--Vertical V shape. Set it close behind your router antenna and aim the v at a laptop. If signal jumps way up--you will see what I mean. This stuff works.
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