CPU swap brought BSOD loop


Today i replaced my E6600 with a Q9300 and it was probably the worst thing i could have done. The installation went well but my PC is now unusable. After installing it was ok for a few minutes, was able to use the computer without problems. Then it rebooted itself and then it did it again. And again. Could see the BSOD's but couldn't make out the error (those are never useful anyway). So i said screw it and put my old E6600 back thinking i had gotten a bad processor. Turns out, the BSOD came back at the same exact spot. I made sure to discharge myself from static before touching the components, any clues? Also tried with different ram, a different video card and formatted / reinstalled Vista, disconnected stuff to check the psu was not overloading, checked temps, everything to no avail.

Intel DP965LT
E6600 / Q9300
Geforce GTX 260
650W psu.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Any way for you to update the BIOS?
  2. Forgot to put it's already updated, checked last night.
  3. Is the p965 chipset even capable of running the 45nm parts. I had a q6600 w/ a ab9-pro. (965 chipset) it was stable but wouldn't OC past a 1333fsb.
  4. Not only does the P965 not officially support 1333FSB no where on intels site or in the release notes of the BIOS for that board does it state anything about 1333fsb support.

    Some manufacturers (ASUS for example) have released "BeTa" BIOS versions that support 1333fsb cpus unofficially. This is because it is for all intensive purposes overclocking the P965 chipset to get it done.

    PsyKhiqZero, i have a Asus P5b-deluxe that will actually be stable at 1600fsb ;) running my e6600 at 400x8 to give 3.2ghz stable ;) cant get it to 9 multi though :(
  5. RTFM and clear your CMOS... All that cpu flipping has probably got its knickers knotted... Can you get into BIOS at all? Can you boot into 'safe mode'?
  6. Chookman, you bastard... :) I upgraded to a asus maximus II just to get the 1600mhz bus. I should have bit the bullet and just went core i7. oh well.

    Anyway I think yo problem has more to do with your chipset then anything else. With all do respect croc, most motherboards will automatically reset themselves after the cpu has been switched. (mine did it if I removed and reinstalled the same CPU) but none the less clearing the cmos is worth a shot. If you can I'd return the q9300 and get a q6600.
  7. croc said:
    RTFM and clear your CMOS... All that cpu flipping has probably got its knickers knotted... Can you get into BIOS at all? Can you boot into 'safe mode'?

    First thing i did was clear CMOS. Was able to install XP with the old CPU this morning before coming to work and left a stress test running to see if it's stable, most likely the problem is that the stupid board doesn't support the bus, all i read was it supported Quads, didn't bother checking the bus.

    Do you guys think it's worth it to get another board altogether or just return the cpu and get one with 1066 Mhz bus?
  8. http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?Boardname=dp965lt

    CPU not supported with current MB...

    Best might be to invest in a not too expensive P45 board...
  9. OP: Personally i would overclock the e6600 (assuming the intel board is ok at doing so) got mine running at 3.33ghz at the moment. Return the Q9300 and save for an i7 or maybe even Phenom II if they are up there.

    PsyKhiqZero: Ive actually read a bit about then P965 chipset, and specifically the bootstrap it uses for different fsb's. Seems (and same with my board) it becomes rather unstable at anything over ~370fsb... however, when you change it to 401fsb the board changes its bootstrap and the chipset becomes stable again. Might be worth a read up if you still have the board laying around.
  10. Thanks chookman, my board is not overclockable by bios, only way to overclock it is with Clockgen or stfsb and only the fsb can be changed. I already invested in a better board cause i want to keep the Q9300 since it was cheap as hell (only $120 from a friend).

    Thanks for your replies.
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