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1)Which way should I orient my HSF in the diagram up or to the rear considering the 2 top fans are stronger than the rear facing fan and im using a zerotherm core 92 with a 120mm fan in it. Yes i know that most fans face the rear but there might be an exception here. Also note that i added the NB in there because its about 1/2 the size of my CPU HSF which could cause blockage.

2)if possible should i add a fan here or is that just over kill

3)with a fan controller does anything actually plug into the MB like the 3pin or no

4)Ive noticed most fans have a 3 pin and a 4pin molex. Is the molex like aux power for mabey leds or can you run a fan just off a molex considering youed have no control over the speed

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  1. With that many existing fans, I would imagine either way would work. Since you have two 120mm fans above the HS, I would probably face it up.

    You can connect your fan to one of the power molex connectors. As you stated, you just won't have control over the speed. I typically use Antec fans for something like that and set the fan speed on low.
  2. thats what i hope but either way im probably going to reaseat it to the rear and see if theres temp drops if not i will put it back but the only problems are those damn push pins on the HSF their so anoying
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