SATA HDD not showing up in WIN7

I have 2 SATA hdd: 1TB WD Caviar Black and 500GB WD Cavier Black. I added 500GB Caviar Black recently and I can see that the BIOS recognizes the hard drive but it does not show up in windows 7. I was wondering, do I need to set one as a master and 1 as slave in order for it to work? i have 850W power supply so I know that it's not a power issue. Any ideas? any help would be great. thanks

Rest of the Spec:

I7 920 D0
EVGA 3x SLI Mobo
6Gb Corsair Dominator
Nvidia 285GTX
Corsair 850W PSU
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    You likely just need to initialize and format the disk; right click on computer, click manage, than go to disk management, and you should get a prompt to initialize the new disk. If not, right click on the new disk and click initialize.
    After the disk is initialized, right click on the disk and select new partition
  2. thanks pepperman, i'll try that
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