Have I made a mistake?

I just purchased an OEM BFG 8800GT OC 512mb @ 625mhz for £80 here in the uk.

I researched like crazy and found out this is the best option for my money what do you guys think .

Current setup

E6400 2.13ghz
2gb ddr2 ram soon to upgrade to 4 @667mhz
19" monitor @1440x900 soon upgrading to 24" @1920x1200
HEC 550w psu

want to play crysis at high on dx9 doesnt have to be at the highest resolution. the cheapest 9800 was £20 more which i could save to spend on my memory I am on a budget and this is better than a 9600gt right?.

Thanks any comments are welcome.
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  1. You are fine, but overclock your cpu to at least 3GHz if you want smooth fps in crysis. If you can't run 1920x1200 smooth, you can set the resolution to 960x600 and itll look as good as native because it's linear scaling by replication, half native.
  2. Ok, I am in the same boat as you. Overclock your cpu to AT LEAST 2.66GHZ!!!!!
    That will shift the bottle neck to the GPU at 1280x1024 (same amount of pixels as 1440x900).
    Then overclock your Graphics to 700 core, 1730~ shaders, 1000 memory.
    With the 4 gig of ram, i can play crysis at native res (1280x1024) at all high, textures and water very high. 30-45 fps.
    Warhead is a little better.
    I am playing both back to back over and over and the above is true.

    Have FUN!
  3. Quote:
    1280x1024 (same amount of pixels as 1440x900).

    Actually, 1440x900 has about 20,000 less pixels to be precise..but that's about a 1% difference :D
  4. +1 for customisbetter. 2.66 should be a walk in the park. Set Bus to 333 MHz and memory to 1 to 1 ratio (as you have 667 DDR2. Should not have to set/change any voltages other than for your memory and that is only if memory manuf. specifies higher than the default 1.8 V

    Also have E6400. Only deference is I have DDR2 (2 x 2 gig Mushkins ) 800, CL4 and Gigabyte P965-DQ6 Motherboard. So I set my bus to 400 and Memory to 1 to 1 ratio and ONLY changes Dimm voltage (Manif spec is 2.05V) and walla 3.2 GHz.

    NOTE: this was my first at OC. Only did it for the He double L of it.

  5. as soon as you upgrade to 24" @1920x1200 you will release you've mad a mistake a 260 or a 4850/4870 would have been a better choice
  6. i would change my last post and miss out the 260, with games starting to show up with dx10.1 you would be crazy to go with nvidia
  7. MaoTheChimp said:
    1280x1024 (same amount of pixels as 1440x900).

    Actually, 1440x900 has about 20,000 less pixels to be precise..but that's about a 1% difference :D

    1.25MP vs 1.24MP to be exact :kaola:

  8. thanks all for your replies i dono how to overclock and i have stock cooling on my cpu so there isnt much i can do right? and rangers nice to hear from you again I'm just on a tight budget thats why dude.
  9. First off you should be able to give the cpu a nice boost by overclocking with stock cooling. It's not a particularly difficult process, just research it on the web.
    Once you get that new monitor that card isn't going to do very well at native res. But your board is SLI so you can grab another and that should cover it nicely. Unfortunately the 8800gt is already disappearing so you are most likely going to have to get one used when the time comes(or spend much more than the card is worth for new.)
  10. mactronix said:
    1.25MP vs 1.24MP to be exact :kaola:



    1280x1024 = 1,310,720 => 1.31MP
    1440x900 = 1,296,000 => 1.30MP

    sorry for being pedantic :lol:
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