Air Cooling New Setup what one should i get?

Hello Every one

I Cant Decide What CPU Cooler to get im Going Air Cooled and sat here for Hrs Reading Reviews and Looking at Bench Marks And all of them have Different opinions...

ok this is my soon to be Setup

Biostar Tpower LGA 775
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
OCZ 4gb DDR2 1066

and now im stuck on what CPU Cooler to get here are the ones im looking at oh i plan to over clock to the Max By the way Probably a good thing i mentioned that....

Rosewill RCX

Sunbeam CR-CCTF 120mm

and of course ever ones Fave

Tuniq Tower 120 Universal CPU Cooler 120mm

Ok on the Tuniq Tower Can i Get a Better Fan for it? if i can i will probably go with it Cause The Sunbeam has a Crappy Plastic Clip to mount on the M-Board and i am Iffy About that The Rosewill Is Nice tho i was Thinking of Getting a Better Fan for that one check it out

and Also Can i mount 2 Fans on the Sun Beam?

so please Let me know i have To Purchase Soon Very Soon like next 2 days Thanks...
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  1. Always been a fan of the TRUE to be honest (I have one so must admit I am biased!)
    Although Frosytech only have it only in the top 10 they used a slower fan for the TRUE than in their review for the Ultra 120 (which is at no.2/3 in their lists), and also they didn't lap the base flat first (which ok you shouldn't have to, but you do have to!)
    Other reviews have commented that the TRUE needs a high flow fan to work to its best - it stands to reason it shouldn't perform worse than a standard 120 when it has an extra heatpipe! I think had frosty lapped it and used a high-flow fan the TRUE would be on top!
  2. Doesn't it defy the review of the parts if you're modifying it?

    It's like saying a Ford Escort is super quick, except the reviewer forgot to bore it and turbocharge it!
  3. Not really in this case. The base should be properly machined flat but its not, so sand it flat when you get it. And the choice of fan is down to you - as it doesn't come boxed with one.
    It's more like saying take the buckled wheel off and put a straight one on and choose a 2l petrol instead of a 1.4 diesel! lol
  4. Ok so i figured out you can Replace the Tuniq Fan so thats cool even tho the fan it comes with is good but i Dought it has very good CMF
  5. Quote:
    You can mount pretty much anything using strap ons.

    lol Strap ons lol that just sounds funny
  6. Ok forget the SunBeam Cooler i thout you could put 2 fans on it but i guess not
  7. the tuniq is a great heatsink. i probably would have purchased that instead of my zalman if i wasn't in such a hurry.
  8. LOL StrangeStranger i was Just kidding lighten up

    So StrangeStranger you ever give your self a Stranger lol
  9. Ok i wnet with The XIGMATEK you guys better be right it ended up being more then the other it seems like your getting a bettetr deal cause its only 30 bucks but after you order the Grease The Back Plate its the same price as all the others

    But its official i just placed my Order with the OldDirtyEgg LOL i got all the stuff above ill post back in few days let yall know what i think as if any 1 cares but there are people out there that rather look at posts then Reviews Cause Reviews are not alway right and they cheat some times
  10. LOL Cool

    Yea i Did Some measuring and i'm Pritty sure its going to fit all i am worried about now is it Hitting the Fan that comes with my MotherBoard im sure it wont but then again it might hit my Power Supple but if it dose Ill just Mod it a little i used to be a AutoBody Tech so im used to working with Thin Metal

    its going to me Nice i Ordered 2 Extra Fans and im going to Replace my Old Case Fans with these 120 MM fans that Push over 100 CMF .. and im going to put my old Fans on the Very Front of my Case make some use of them so its sucking air in and the Big 1ns will be blowing it out Check out the Fans i orders they Bolth look Very Good

    the SilverStone is nice, comes with a Pritty sweet Controller too... :pt1cable:

    This Scythe Pushes some Mager Air!..... :o

    Dont mind the spelling
  11. awww
  12. im Not so Happy with the Xigmatek its kinda Cheap i should of went with the Tunic i spent just as much if not more i would have saved money with the Tunic and a Head Ake now i have to Wait for the Back plate to get here cause New Egg had to ship it from another location But what ever i hope the Benchmarks a True and it Cools Better then the Tunic
  13. malstrom said:
    im Not so Happy with the Xigmatek its kinda Cheap i should of went with the Tunic i spent just as much if not more i would have saved money with the Tunic and a Head Ake now i have to Wait for the Back plate to get here cause New Egg had to ship it from another location But what ever i hope the Benchmarks a True and it Cools Better then the Tunic

    yea i was actually curious about the Xigmatek... i keep hearing good things about it yet from my experience the Tuniq cools a lot better than the Xigmatek does. keep us informed of your temps.
  14. Ok So fare so good

    I got the Mounting Bracket for the Xigmatek its not bad its cooling my CPU very Well.. i Also Bought the Scyth Case Fan it Pushes Some major air so here Are My Temps With the Stop Fan and With the Scyth Ultra Kaze

    At Idle Stock Fan i got 18-19C
    Under Heavy Load 28C

    Now with the Scyth Ultra Kaze fan
    At Idle 15C
    Under Heavy Load 24-25C

    Very Cold that Fan is Awsome Its not Super loud too

    The XigmaTek is Nice But i think they should of Included a Tension Bracket And Better Thermal Compound

    Oh and The Rubber Fan mounts Just use some Soap they go on Easy but they could have included Better Fan mounts And A Mounting Bracket

    thats the only Reason i think the Tunic would have been better
  15. Well im Trying to get This Baby Overclocked to 4.5GHz

    4.5 Sounds Reasonable i got it up to 3.78 with out changing any thing But cant seem to get past that i have been trying all different Settings

    I Have Another Post Going for it if you know the Correct Settings Please Help I will love you Long time LOL
  16. to many damn programs i figured the bios would give a better temp and its 24C but i think the others are Getting Overal temps or something

    im using RealTemp 2.70

    And my Bios Bios says 24 all others give different reading
  17. Quote:
    Go with real temp, it will give the actual core readings.

    What do you mean 'actual core readings'? Real temp gives me the same temps as Core temp/speedfan/Everest do. And you wanna know the funny part? It took real temp a billion revisions to get it right. Real temp is a fancier Core temp nothing more.
  18. my room temp is about 50 F
  19. i have another room in my house that has no Heat hooked up to it,, it has a independent Heater in there but you can turn it off i made another post Trying to get Help with my Mother board and overclocking but all these immature kids kept goiing on about how my Temps are Impossible LOL they dont know any thing i did or what my room temps where

    Do you know how to get your own post closed cause it has nothing to do with the title its Just a Argument of some Bratty Nerdy kids who think they are Right LOL

    Its Very Annoying i wish i could reach through the Screen and slap them lol

    But if any 1 has any ideas on how to get my E8400 Past 3.8 it would be greati cant believe that baby dose 3.8 stock Very nice Chip i must say
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