New Badace Trading Computer brother works on the Chicago Board of Trade, and needs a new computer. Not knowing much about building a computer or what a fair price was, he came to me and asked if $5400 at Dell would be fair. Of course I said no, and set out to build him a pc better than the one he had on Dell, but for much less money. After some deep thought and double checks, I put together a $3500 system, via his credit card.

Antec 1200
Antec TruePower Quattro 1kW power supply
3 VisionTek 4850's :bounce:
2 500gb 7200.11 Barracuda drives
6 (not a typo) Samsung 2253BW 22" monitors :sol:
Dfi Lanparty X38 board
Xeon x3360 quad core 12mb cache @ 2.83 (going to 3.4 to at least match ram)
2 4gb sticks Gskill 800mhz
Xigmatek s-1283 and some Arctic 5

So for all of you who hate putting up with siblings: benefits eventually do come around. To top this off, he takes off of trading every six months, so I just built myself a system soon to be my own. :ange: For anyone who might be interested, I will be posting pics in a couple of days when it all gets built.
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  1. u wasted so much cash its ridicukous. go for a skull trail
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